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Costs and real estate maintenance

Costs associated with the real estate maintenance in Bulgaria you may expect are:

• State tax on buildings in Bulgaria which is paid once a year and depends on the location of your real estate, it is equal to about 0.15% of the value of the real estate that is specified in your title deed (it is equal to the real estate tax valuation - valuation of the Bureau of Technical Inventory). This includes also the garbage fee.

• Maintenance of the common areas of the building. If your real estate is located in a resort complex, then the maintenance fee of the apartment is equal to 7 Euro / square meter annually up to 18 Euro / square meter annually. But if your real estate is located in a residential building in a city without an additional infrastructure, the maintenance fee will be equal to about 10 Euro per month.

• Electricity - 0,10 EUR / kWh;

• Water - 0.50 EUR/m3;

• Internet - 10 EUR / month;

• Cable TV - 12 EUR / month;

• Insurance of the unit (e.g., two bedroom apartment) - 120 EUR / year.

The model maintenance fee of a two-bedroom apartment with an area of 65-70 sq m (one- bedroom apartment) is equal to 120 EUR per month.