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Viewing trip in Bulgaria with iEstates

Our company cooperates with many tourist airlines that can always offer the most affordable tickets to Bulgaria, our assistants will provide a choice of comfortable hotels, they will help you for visa issuance in Bulgaria and will send an invitation. For the preparation of the viewing trip in Bulgaria it’s worth noting some of the most important steps:

• Choosing a travel date. To view and acquire the real estate you will need no more than 4 days;

• Organization of the trip (purchasing air tickets, booking a hotel in Bulgaria, getting a visa invitation - our company assistants may help you);

• Airport Welcome. When you arrive in Bulgaria at any airport in the country a Russian speaking assistant of our company having a plate with your name and surname, will welcome you;

• Hotel accommodation;

• Meeting in the office. Preparing a preliminary plan to view the real estates;

• Introduction to Bulgaria, the coastline areas and the real estate units;

• Choosing a real estate unit;

• Booking the unit. When booking the real estate unit a deposit of EUR 2000 is to be paid, the builder removes for sale sign for 10-20 days up to obtaining the first payment under the preliminary contract;

• Signing a preliminary contract that specifies the value of the real estate, the method of payment and what condition the property is sold in. It also specifies the builder’s details based on which the customer from Russia makes further payment for the unit;

• Seeing off in the airport.

After you leave for Russia our company continues to assist you as a reliable partner: we assist in the further stages of acquiring the real estate ownership, furnishing the apartments, villas, cottages, real estate insurance, management.

Contact us and we will be glad to help you prepare your trip to Bulgaria, choose the proper unit, we will ensure you a maximally reliable and safety deal and we will render assistance at minimum cost during all stages of property buying.

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