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Bulgarian rose and rose oil

12 Oct 2012

Bulgarian rose and rose oil

Wonderful, Scarlet, with a magnificent heads, unique Bulgarian rose – we know about it all and don't know anything! ... The mystery and the soul of Bulgaria keep countless stories, was literally in all spheres of life and was in a special esteem. From the deep childhood come to fond memories of colorful booklets with images of fairy-tales in Bulgaria with roses is everywhere: back gardens and plantations, weddings, food traditions, cosmetics industry of Bulgaria, medicine, various festivals, allegorical memories tourists about the country, etc. Through roses, Bulgaria easily could be called a love.

A whole world of dispersed oil Bulgarian rose oil fame. It is worth noting that not each rose you can get this priceless extract and only one class that were imported to Bulgaria from Syria Damascus, three and a half centuries ago.

Rose is considered the Queen of flowers. Its flowers, with a heady scent of old, can bring not only joy. Rose oil is a completely natural product, obtained by distillation of flower petals, a damascene Rose (Bulgarian rose oil).

On the basis of manufacturing expensive precious perfume, elite cosmetics, pink honey liqueur, chocolate products, and the highest order, as well as the famous jam from roses.

There are an incredible number of myths and legends connected with the roses. Different peoples have honors recognized Queen for centuries. Roses are popular Bulgarian solar worldwide. It is not surprising that in the territory of this country, proudly bearing the symbol of the rose at the end of May each year is the traditional festival of the uproarious, the existence of which is dedicated to the wonderful flower.

Rose oil in medicine and cosmetology

Bulgarian rose has unique healing properties. Butter her petals has been familiar as an emollient and anti-inflammatory, stimulating regeneration of aging and damaged tissue.

Bulgarian rose oil is widely used in science and medicine and cosmetology. Among the oldest preparations of roses greatest popularity had pink water and medicinal ointments. Oil applied inside at illnesses of a liver, constipation and stomach. A mixture of rose oil and vinegar helps in the treatment of infected wounds.

Rose uses both fresh and dried, as well as in the form of essential oil. Rose water and tea roses are at inflammatory diseases of liver, kidneys and intestines, diarrheas, illnesses of a bladder, abdominal pain, bronchitis, tuberculosis, jaundice, with influenza, influenza. Pink water is exceptional for its effectiveness for treatment of the eye.

Dry rose petals perfume your wines and teas. The essential oil is to develop high quality perfumes, colognes and lipsticks and luxury cosmetics. «Pink» cosmetics absolutely natural and does not contain chemical preservatives, because rose oil in its composition is a powerful natural preservative.

Modern cosmetic industry is experiencing a real boom in organic and active products. Essential oil of rose fits in the concept because of its beneficial effects on the human body. It literally instills life into every cell and energizes, restoring both etymology and the mood and spirit of man.

Cosmetics on the basis of the rose essential oil is excellent, clean, tone and moisturize, while maintaining balance and stimulating the cell regeneration. They perfectly eliminate inflammation and soothe.

Thanks to the anti-oxidant effects of slowing down the appearance of wrinkles. Skin looks healthy from the intensive moistening, nutrition and lifting. Cosmetics on the basis of the rose oil can reclaim the natural youth and beauty.

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Bulgarian rose and rose oil