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Schengen Zone

25 Oct 2012

Schengen Zone

The accession of Bulgaria to the Schengen area will be considered until March 2013, reports AFP referring to diplomatic sources in Brussels.

The issue of accession of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen area "will be postponed to March 2013, but this does not mean that the decision will be taken", said not named European diplomat.

Holland and Germany, considers that the conditions of accession of the two countries so far have not been up to the end. Criticism is mainly exposed to the political situation in Romania, and is aware that Bulgaria and Romania both joined the European Union, and therefore they need to join the Schengen area. But due to the problematic situation in Romania the Bulgaria's entry into the Schengen area is lying over.

The results of parliamentary elections on December 9 in Romania will have a significant influence on the decisions of the EU member countries, said another AFP.

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Schengen Zone