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The festival of Bulgarian Rose

08 May 2013

The festival of Bulgarian Rose

The festival starts in the open field, planting roses, where olives are a ritual gathering of rose petals, which then bind wreaths. Gradually, the holiday is moved to the center of town where everything is ready to start a rich cultural program. Under the open sky masters of traditional folk crafts are speckled pitchers, weave carpets or guests are treated to freshly baked scones. These days are open to visitors all the cultural attractions of the city and its environs.

Also, during the Festival of the Roses You can see the contest Queen (Queen) roses. To the music of the songs and dances are held on the main street of Kazanlak and Karlovo inhabitants and guests of the city, costumed in costumes Roman, Greek and Thracian times. A group of guys on special stretchers as the throne is at the hands of last year's Queen. 

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The festival of Bulgarian Rose