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Real estate investors are willing to risk

04 Dec 2013

Real estate investors are willing to risk

Appetite for real estate investors is increasing on a global scale. This information has provided by consulting company Colliers International.

It is expected that real estate investments will continue to increase over the next year. Search of investment income remained at stable levels in the range of 5-10%, but there are ambitions in more than 10-15%.

Investors in real estate continue to monitor macroeconomic indicators, which are among the leading factors for decision of making regarding investments in this region. Taking into account the political risks, demographic environment, taxes, currency risks, as well as the clarity of the administration.

The most optimistic investors are the American investors. 60% at 100 expect the improving of the market next year, compared with 57 % of investors in Europe, 47 %in China and 41% from the Middle East.

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Real estate investors are willing to risk