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The Russian culture in Burgas city

27 Oct 2011

The Russian culture in Burgas city

Every year there are days of the Russian culture in Burgas.


In this month, the seventh year running,  the days of Russian instrumental music were held. An accent this year was to the 105 years  from the day of birth of Dmitry Shostakovich, whose works were plugged in the program of concert. In the music hall of city Burgas were shown works of Shostakovich, Skryabin, Raxmaninov and Chaikovskii. The days of Russian music already became tradition for the habitants of city.


This week, fifth year running, there are days of the Russian cinema in city. Organizers are this Ministry of culture of Russian Federation, Ministry of culture of Republic  Bulgaria, at an assistance municipality Burgas, Russian cultural-information  center and Honoured consulate. A week of the Russian cinema is the  part of the days of Russian spiritual culture in Bulgaria.


The program includes in itself the films taken in 2010, works of young stage-directors and the participation of young actors. The aim of projections is an education of the young generation of Bulgaria with modern Russian cinema.  Some of films the citizens of Burgas able to see before Russian.


Specially for the first projection in Burgas arrived the creators of film "For the Beginners in love", -Gladunko Luidmila and Boris Tokarev. Films, which are included in the program, present spiritual culture of modern Russia.



Source: news agency Focus


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The Russian culture in Burgas city