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Burgas is a romantic capital of Bulgaria in 2012 year.

17 Feb 2012

Burgas is a romantic capital of Bulgaria in 2012 year.


Burgas was chosen as a romantic capital in  2012 year on Saint Valentine's Day Eve.


In Burgas was written the longest love letter, with the length of 49,3 m.


Such extraordinary idea was given by the leading Bulgarian Publishing House, which annually organizes such initiative related to edition of romantic and love literature.


For creation of the longest love letter  in Bulgaria, hundred readers, library visitors, wrote and left the romantic messages on special paper. It was set in the end, that length of the covered with writing paper attained almost 50 meters.


Burgas gets such reward for romanticism in second times. The first reward the citizens of Burgas won by means of 15 meter long letters. Year after, however, a city was beaten by other wonderful Bulgarian city – Veliko Ternovo, with a love message long a 30 m.


Third year in succession the Organizers declare a competition on longest love letter and dedicate this action to the certain book.


In 2009 and 2010 years, the inspiration was given by such books as "Printing with the kiss", "Love letters of great men", “Need You”" and "Love letters of Great Bulgarians". This year the occasion for realization of this campaign is a new luxurious edition of collection "One hundred sonnets about love" from the collection of one of the largest names of world poetry of the XX century - Pablo Neruda. Sensual, emotional and rich in characters poetry of the Nobel laureate after 20 years again went back into Bulgarian language.



Source: burgasnews.com

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Burgas is a romantic capital of Bulgaria in 2012 year.