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Bulgaria fascinates Islands

05 Apr 2012

Bulgaria fascinates Islands

 325 television feeds, 239 bilborda for 112 days, 36 advertising publications in the press and 40000000 online impressions, 140 journalists enamoured in Bulgaria and 6000000 British viewers, all  they felt the magic of Bulgaria.

It is the facts that you can see in ends of the film with the results of the campaign in popularize of Bulgaria made by MIET to the UK market.

Thanks to the indescribable beauty of Bulgaria, the campaign has spoken the language of the ordinary British, told his story and provide magical Bulgaria by his eyes.

Start an advertising campaign in the UK announced three press conferences - in London, Glasgow and Birmingham. Our ambassadors talked with people in London, southern England and Scotland.

The campaign lasted with MEDIA meeting, seminar and discussion event for tour operators around the world tourist exhibition World Travel Market in London. More than 60 journalists from the influential British MEDIA, including representatives of the leading tourist editions ABTA Magazine, Travel Weekly, Golf Monthly, Foodand Travel Magazine, National Geographic Traveller, Good Ski Guide, Overseas Living.

During the campaign, with the exception of press conferences, meetings with journalists, seminars for tour operators, MIET organized three familiarization tour to Bulgaria for the British journalists.

The campaign received a great echo in the press. Interviews and publications were printed in the most famous publications about Tourism-Travel Weekly, National Geographic Traveller, ABTA, the Travel Bulletin. Sky News had a report on Bulgaria in its broadcast. Information about Bulgaria appeared on many British sites.

Many of the journalists were left with a good impression of the Bulgarian culture and its history.

And here's what they said about Bulgaria:

Robin Serl, chief editor of Travel Weekly: Travel Weekly has had the pleasure of working in close cooperation with Bulgaria in popularization to a wide variety of tourist services in the UK. We hope that this promotional activities will help Bulgaria to attract a new generation of holidaymakers from Britain.

Ros Lipset, Food and Travel Editor (nutrition and trip): Bulgaria is an incredible destination. You will be surprised what Bulgaria and Bulgarians can offer you.

Stephen Kelly (National Geographic Traveller): National Geographic Traveller was happy to support the Ministry of economy, energy and tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria in its marketing campaign.

Andy Mosak (BBC Radio): Bulgaria is a country that greatly exceeded my expectations. History, antiquity and nature are a Visual Feast, which honestly caught me totally not prepared. I want to come back there again and plunge into its magic atmosphere.

During the project the Ministry expects that the number of British tourists reached the number 500000 by the end of.

Source: expert.bg


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Bulgaria fascinates Islands