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Mall of new generation opens doors in Burgas

04 May 2012

Mall of new generation opens doors in Burgas

Ten restaurants with a variety of national cuisines, fast food places, 8 cinemas, bowling and more than 50 shops are waiting us in the future Mall "Strand", which will be opened at the end of August in Burgas.

At MAPIC 2008 in the Kan commercial center was marked as a sample of new generation, and is building rapidly near the hypermarket Bau Max on the highway in the direction of Sofia.

Up to this point in the shopping mall already will be Bulgarian, Indian, Japanese, Italian, and African restaurant and Viennese cake-shop.

Investor had anticipated and the Salon of wine tasting of the famous Bulgarian cellars, as well as the restaurant, adjacent to it. The restaurant will be a wholesale shop, where customers can purchase wines, which already tasted.

Indian company "My Cinemas” opens 8 cinemas. We like "My cinemas" because of its approach to the market and experience in India, where the cinema is a national passion, said Investor ZBS Mariela Ostend. According to her words except for Hollywood blockbusters will show Bollywood and Bulgarian films, pop concerts, football matches.

Child's corner in “Strand", as conception, also will strongly differ from already existing. Presently for its lease “fight” two large national operators. The main idea - to inlay in it and an educational element for growing up little boys. An investor will build and the mini-football field measuring 2000 square meters.

Seasonal booths in that in summer there will be for sale souvenirs will be also accommodated in a shopping center, and in winter to get organized thematic exhibitions.

“Design ideas we took from analogical stands in trade centers in Las Vegas, - Ostend told.

Parking on a ground floor will too differ. On every place will be separate sensor. Depending on that, whether a place is free or concerned will be changing red and green light. So drivers will be able easier oriented.

Another idea, which will be implemented in the new shopping center "Strand", making the street of handicrafts and food. Goods will be offered by different masters. The interiors of the trade squares would be at the expense of investor and will be the same for all.

On the ground floor there will be bowling.

Outdoor mall "Strand" is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. It will resemble as a commercial Street, and at the same time, it will be covered with triangular canopies from a special material. In the center of the "Street" will be the big clock, which will resemble a clock on the main square in Burgas.


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Mall of new generation opens doors in Burgas Mall of new generation opens doors in Burgas