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Ancient world in Sarafovo

16 May 2012

Ancient world in Sarafovo

The team of archaeologists began excavations and research in Sarafovo. It manages  by the Director of the National Archaeological Museum Assistant Professor Dr. Lyudmil Vagalinski.

The object on which we are working is the slope under a military station in Bourgas district. Earlier this year, stormy winter sea laid bare the walls from Roman times, the remnants of a sewer and ceramics.

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov immediately requested the assistance of the State on the study and conservation of the ruins. This assistance is already fact and archaeologists with the divers are working hard on the object.

According to the words of professor Dr. Vagalinski, who works in Sarafovo for several days, was found setting, dated 4-6 century, as one of the finds were human bones. Also, were selected brace devices, which defended the entrance to the city.  Sarafovo hypothetically was the  landing place, where numerous of visitors landed to see already known mineral baths-Aqua Almeria/Thermopolis/

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Ancient world in Sarafovo