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Burgas - European capital of culture

01 Jun 2012

Burgas - European capital of culture

Burgas claiming status as cultural capital of Europe-it was one of the main objectives of the cultural strategy of the municipality Burgas for the period 2007-2013.

Choice of cultural capital is made by the EU Council on the recommendation of the special appointed jury. At present, according to the definitions of the European Parliament is at a stage of Bulgaria with Italy. In 2005, due to the enlargement of the EU, it was decided that Europe will have every year for two cultural capitals-one old and one new Member of the European Union.

Mayors of Bourgas region signed a memorandum in support of the candidacy of Burgas, as a cultural capital of Europe in 2019.

 During the meeting of the Advisory Council on culture, identified major tasks and activities that need to be in the preparation of the strategy for the period 2007-2013 years and considered a number of proposals for financial assistance for upcoming cultural projects from Burgas.

The Administration's proposal is to develop a project on regional lines to include all regional administrations.  The project must meet two basic criteria, which will be evaluated by the European Commission-the European dimension and the relationship between the city and the citizens in the context of this program. Candidate program of Burgas must be ready must be ready to2013 year.

"Initiative" of European capital of culture" is the highest platform, through which we can promote the rich cultural diversity and historical heritage of the region. No less important is the chance to significantly raise the prestige of the city as a tourist destination, "said Mayor Dimitar Nikolov. He urged the mayors of all cities to prepare an individual program, which will be integrated into the overall project.


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Burgas - European capital of culture